Joseph Vincler, M Educational Leadership 

Assistant Principal

Nicole Regentik, M Educational Leadership 


Elle Flynn

Office Staff

Manager |Patsy Flynn 

Office Aide | Katie Becker


School Accounts Coordinator

Pat DeAgostino 

Admissions Director

Julie Torok 

Michelle Brennan  

Sofia Fabiano 

Calli Cutraro 

Grace Farr (Teacher Aide)

Lisa Seneker, BA English (Teacher Aide)

Gina Rook (Teacher Aide)

Linda Clinton, (Teacher Aide)

Jennifer Stacer, MS in Educational Studies 

Michele Buschmohle, M Ed/Teaching and Learning w/Technology 

Erin Durren, BS Education (Teacher Aide)

Kerrie Quinlan  

Carly VanMetere (Teacher Aide)

Michele McPartlin (Teacher Aide)

Clare Kina 

Laura Stacer 

Meghan Schumacher 

Terri McLaughlin (Aide)

Denise Carlson, Ph. D    

Molly Hess, BS Elementary Education

Kennedy DeForest  

Hillary Maly BA Science/ Literature  

Laurie Wagner,BS Social Studies/ Elementary Education 

Sharon Zelek, MA Early Childhood Education 

Lisa Clark,
M.Ed. Elementary Education, English Education, Middle School English (BA)

Marisa Rosenbaum, BS Mathematics for Elementary Education

Molly MacLean, BA Elementary Education/ZA Endorsement

Julie Reed, 6th Grade English/Lit 

Dan Dooley, BS History

Reena Herstein,6th Grade Math

Natalie Jagels, Science 

Sue Matthews, 7th Grade English/Lit 

Marlia Budiongan, MS Elementary Education

Eileen Sacca,7/8th Grade Math (8th Grade Homeroom)

 Natalie Jagels 

Grace Kurn, MBA Business Administration 

Michael Bair, 7th Grade Homeroom 

Andrea LoVasco, MAT



Katrina Braet, M Library and Information Science 

Patrick Brogan, BA Secondary Education

Katrina Braet, M Library and Information Technology 

Mary Przgocki, MAT

Jeanette Merricle, M Education