May 28, 2018

Principal Parker
This is Parker Sabagh Principal for the Day. I had a fun-filled day. I started the day greeting students at the front door. I then got checks from the parish business office for teacher field trips. I also took a tour of the convent while dropping off a delivery to Sr. Margaret and Sr. Mary Ellen. Mr. Vincler and I then stopped by every classroom to see what was going on in each room and make sure everything was going well. I was not a huge fan of dissecting frogs in seventh-grade science class. Next, we mapped out an evacuation drill through the woods to Roeper and then did the drill where I made the announcement to the school. I then made a final end of the day announcement and also gave my class an extra recess. It was fun being principal for the day!”

Memorial Day Weekend I received a text message from the Bloomfield Police Department on Memorial Day that they appreciated the American flags that were on display surrounding the school. Thank you to Project Team, Mrs. Bartoli and Mrs. Mick for this patriotic display!

4th Quarter Grades We have a lot of events happening at the end of this school year. Please be sure to keep checking Power School as it is being shut down this Thursday, May 31 for teachers to finalize grades. I want to be sure that there are not any end of the school year surprises. We encourage teaching and learning to the end of the school year!

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