May 14, 2018

Beauty and the Beast Congrats to the entire cast and crew of Beauty and the Beast on an amazing performance! Cast members included: Belle-Haley Guerra and Caroline Wells, Beast-Michael New, Gaston-Bowen Waltz, Maurice-Josh Reid, Mrs. Potts-Ella Harris and Gabrielle Mekani, Lumiere-Lilah Chow and Natalie Burg, Cogsworth-Wright Paddock and Anya Keena, Chip-Madalyn Morgan and Meghan Ferrara, Babette-Gabrielle Hock and Charlotte Mustion, Madame de la Grande Bouche-Caitlyn New and Mia Tosto, LeFou-Luke Nelson and Michael Blaszczak, Monsieur d’Arque-Jimmy Kowaleski, Enchantress-Lauren Tuohy, Villagers-Ania Petrosky, Olivia Mutone, Jenna Okka and Keely Nykerk, Silly Girls-Megan Quakenbush, Grace Roberts and Audry Ong, Ensemble-Bridget Gieselman, Declan Smith, Maria VanDieren, Sean Jasper, Mia Mojares, Adam Olah, Ella Spender, Lauren St. Andre, Kennedy Marsh, Anna Jennings, Bridgette Denha, James Rivard, Christa Hanna, John Torok, Michael Quaine, Nolan Shannon, Drew Kraemer, Catherine Carter, Lily Klein, Anna Zidar and Ellie Alberts. Thank you to producer Mike Pacifico, director, Kellie Rao and Choreographers Susan Ebbing and Chelsea Estes. Everyone who watched the show saw all the hard work and talent of this large St. Hugo theatre contingent.

Rockets: Mrs. Mueller and almost all of her eighth-grade students sent off their rockets this past week. Only one rocket failed to launch. The eighth-grade students have a lot of fun activities as they enter the home stretch of their final year. The eighth-grade final Mass is next Tuesday and they graduate next Wednesday evening.

Perfect ACT Score Congrats to St. Hugo alumni and current NDP junior Christopher VanDieren on his perfect 36 ACT score! We are very proud of our alumnus!

Raffle: Thank you to Mrs. Bruck for running this year’s raffle! Congrats to the raffle winners: Grand Prize Winner of $5000-Amanda Abro, 2nd prize of $3000-William Bonnefil and 3rd prize of $1000-Matt Herstein. Thank you for your participation as all of the money raised will go directly to student safety.

PTG: Nominations Are you interested in becoming a member of PTG? We are currently in need of a President-elect (two-year commitment), Treasurer-elect (two-year commitment), and Secretary. If you are interested in running or nominating someone please email Mrs. Lori Schwegman, or feel free to email me.

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