Students must be five years old by September 1.


Religion: The text for Kindergarten Religion is We Believe by Sadlier. Units include:

  • God Gives Us Many Gifts
  • God is Our Creator
  • Jesus Shows Us God’s Love
  • Jesus Wants Us to Share God’s Love

Activities: Songs and stories, videos, art, prayers, lessons on values

Reading/Language Arts

Reading: The textbook is Journeys by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Children develop phonemic awareness, comprehension, and vocabulary skills. Some of the supplemental material utilized includes: TLC Art-letter books, reading workbooks, and journal writing.

Handwriting: is taught daily. We teach the Zaner Bloser method stressing correct letter formation, pencil grip and paper position.


Mathematics: Our math series is Sadlier-Oxford. Math. Our curriculum includes sorting, geometry, and patterns;  positions, numbers to 31, addition and subtraction, time,  money, measurement and counting to 100 as well as by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s.


Science: Our Science series is Interactive Science by Pearson. Units of study include: Engineering and Technology, Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science.

Social Studies

Social Studies: Units of study focus on the world around us, holiday celebrations, map skills, important people in history and community helpers.


Health/Safety: Units of study focus on fire safety, dental/personal health, and nutrition.


Art:  Different art mediums are used for seasonal and subject-related projects. Students meet weekly to learn about various artists and create art projects within the classroom as well.

Computers:  Students in Kindergarten will develop skills and behaviors that will serve as a foundation for future learning.  By the end of Kindergarten students will be able to log in and log out of the computer network.  They will be able to identify the parts of a computer and operate the keys necessary to use the computer as a learning tool.  They will begin using computer applications for simple age-appropriate tasks.  They will begin to discuss ethical computer use.  They will understand and demonstrate proper etiquette, behavior, and body position when using computers.

Library:  Students come to the library once a week. They will explore and learn about the Library Rules and Procedures, Book Care and parts of a book, listen to a book from  “author of the week” during story time, participate in various author-related  “holidays” such as  kick off March is Reading Month  with Dr. Seuss activities and continue March with various Themed Weeks. Students in this grade check out 1 book to take home for 1 week.

Music:  Music enrichment is incorporated into classroom activities. Students attend music class once a week. They also, perform for the December Christmas Pageant.

Physical Education:  Kindergartners are scheduled twice weekly for gym classes. The focus is on Space, Directions, and Body Awareness, Locomotor & Non-Locomotor skills, Manipulative Skills: Projecting and Receiving Large Objects with hands and feet.

Spanish: Students meet weekly with the focus on strengthening the students’ verbal skills. Through songs and literature, students learn about and appreciate Hispanic culture and heritage. In class, students are encouraged to take linguistic risks, to say new words, and sing songs in Spanish. Students love learning about how different holidays are celebrated in Spanish speaking countries.


Natalie Krol Teacher | K1

Michele McPartlin Aide| K1

Meghan Cushing Teacher |K2

Erin Durren Aide |K2

Debbie Bejune Teacher | K3

Jennifer Nykerk Aide |K3