Art Curriculum

It is through the artistic expression of an individual that another dimension of oneself is discovered. The experience of artistic exploration affords an individual the opportunity to reach out beyond the physical boundaries of existence into the realm of self-discovery. The process of art is extremely significant as it provides an outlet for God’s given creative expression. Art becomes a vehicle through which an individual may visually reproduce that part of himself or herself not known to another. It is an extension of oneself; a dynamic force in the making of a creative well-rounded individual.

The art philosophy of St. Hugo School is based upon the premise that each child has the innate ability for creative expression. It is through the educational process that we attempt to provide those elements that best facilitate the highest level of individual growth. It is our hope that each child will be encouraged to reach his or her full potential through diversified educational opportunities. Thus, we believe that art is an integral part of this developmental sequence.

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Athena Balcoff