Sixth Grade Curriculum and Goals

In sixth grade Religion we are using the textbook, We Believe, published by Sadlier. The emphasis of what we will learn this year will be the Old Testament. We will be using the textbook and Bible to study scripture, reflect on our actions, and to enrich our prayer lives. We will also look at the liturgical year and study how we celebrate. More can be learned about our text at Students attend Mass every Wednesday.

All of the Literature classes are using the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt reading series. The selections are from award-winning authors or classic children’s literature. Comprehension strategies, predicting and the interaction of thinking, reading, and writing are the basis of the sixth grade program. Skills such as author’s purpose, text and graphic features, fact vs. opinion, outlining, sequencing, recognizing types of literature, and understanding story elements are taught. Students can access the book at home using their Think Central password. Occasionally homework is assigned.

Book reports of a different genre will be assigned the first three quarters of the year. Students are encouraged to read independently. In fact, students are required to have a book to read with them throughout the school day. During the second semester, students will meet with first grade Book Buddies and write and illustrate a short book for them.

The English program includes areas of reading, grammar, and writing. Students will continue to develop their writing skills by employing the steps of the writing process. They include brainstorming, pre-writing activities, rough drafts, revising, editing, and final drafts. Rough drafts are required to be handwritten and turned in along with all final drafts. Students will have the opportunity to develop reflective, creative writing skills by responding to writing prompts.  The grammar curriculum includes parts of speech, punctuation, and correct usage. Sixth graders will develop a five paragraph, 2½ to 3 page biographical research report during the second semester.

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In Vocal Music, students will perform a choral concert at St. Hugo’s Fine Art’s Open House Thursday, 3/15 at 6:50 PM.   Students will perform selections from Music Express Magazine.  ALL students are required to participate, and all rehearsals take place during the school day.  The goals of this program are teamwork, coordination, memorization, creativity, presentation skills, and music appreciation. It is a proven fact that music enhances a child’s ability to learn. This is a major production and your support both at school and home is important.

Students may continue their instrumental studies in the 6th-8th Gr. Jr. High Band.  Band students are featured throughout the year: Homecoming Football Game, Cleveland Performance, Woodward Hills Nursing Center, St. Hugo’s Annual Christmas Pageant, Fine Arts Open House and the Spring Concert.  

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Mathematics: Houghton Mifflin Math is an exciting book that challenges the students’ cognitive and creative skills through problem solving, reasoning, application and practice. This program is designed to develop a proficiency in basic skills of whole numbers, fractions and decimals. We will also study ratios, proportions, statistics, probability, pre-algebra concepts and geometry. The students will have ample practice and review to ensure them the ability to use these skills in everyday application of these mathematical concepts.

In Social Studies we will use the text History of Our World published by Prentice Hall. We will be exploring cultures and civilizations of the past to find out how our world works today. The main focus of our study will be on the Western Hemisphere, for example Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. We will learn about our unique Earth through the regions, locations, places, environments, religions and movements of the past and present. Students will also review current events. They will be assessed on the political process and the major news events of the world.

The Science curriculum will cover the study of Earth Science. If you have not as yet taken time to look through your child’s textbook, please do so. The text is called Holt Science & Technology – Earth Science. Your students have received a password and log-in for their on-line Science book. During the year you can expect them to learn, explore, and discover science using classroom activities, at home activities, Internet activities, textbook assignments, and power point presentations. Through experimentation, reading, and discussion, students will learn to apply their scientific problem solving skills and knowledge to their everyday lives.

Sixth Grade Instructors

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