We began last week with all of the new staff member orientation:  Mrs. Sue Matthews – 6th grade English/Reading, Mrs. Julie Reed – 5th grade English/Reading, Miss Molly MacKenzie – 3rd grade, Mrs. Denise Carlson – 3rd grade, Mrs. Kathy Kindt – Resource.  They are all excellent additions to the staff and will live the St. Hugo motto “As Followers of Jesus It Must Be Different with Us.”

Teacher In-Service – On Tuesday, August 8 the majority of the faculty was in Detroit at our annual AOD in-service day.  The teachers found this day to be very valuable.  One of the seminars that I saw was done by a current U of D Jesuit teacher, author and he is also a former St. Hugo student – Alex Davidson!  Both this past Monday and Thursday the entire faculty was in-serviced in Restorative Practices by Bill Boyle.  I saw several staff members already using some of the practices in school on the first day.  Restorative practices is a community approach to discipline and student learning.  Students are often put into circles with the teacher to solve problems.  The entire faculty felt positive about implementing this practice into their classrooms in some manner.  On Tuesday of last week, Kimberly Yanke in-serviced the teachers about Kids Empowerment.  This was practice to empower students to stick up for themselves when needed.  Teachers will be using the teachings that they learned in their classes this year.  Mrs. Mick met with teachers to be sure that all teachers have a technology avenue to post homework this year.  All teachers will inform parents at Meet the Faculty Night on how homework assignments will be posted this year.


Building Updates – We have extremely generous families at St. Hugo.  Your generosity goes directly back into the school.  Here are some of the updates that you can look for as you examine our campus this year:

  • All new high efficiency lighting was installed throughout the entire St. Hugo campus.
  • A new boiler was installed. We now have all new univents in the classrooms and two new boilers to power our school.
  • The Fr. Esper Room was completely updated for the new Kindergarten Readiness program. A new awning will be appearing very soon as you enter the Fr. Esper Room doors.

I am very grateful for these updates and we look forward to many more in the future!

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