STEM  Our Sixth-grade teacher Mrs. Brandt, is using her former engineering skills to start a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering) curriculum this year.  Mrs. Brandt is consistently doing hands on science activities with her students.  This is a program we would like to expand in the future.  We have a school-wide STEM Day on Friday, November 17.  Keep up the good work Mrs. Brandt and her STEM students!





Iowa Testing  This week we begin our annual IOWA testing. All the students seem focused on their testing today.  Thank you to the many families that provided water for testing this week.  It is especially important for all students this week to eat a balanced breakfast each morning, and get plenty of sleep.

Student Council  All students that ran for office gave outstanding speeches last week.  Congrats to the 2017-2018 St. Hugo Student Council: President-Charlotte Mustion, Vice-President-Wright Paddock, Secretary-Catie New, Treasurer-Grace Roberts, Class Representatives- Ellie Alberts, Aidan McGrath, Lily Klein, Tess Kraemer, Kennedy Marsh and Jenna Okka.

Mrs. Reed’s Fifth Grade Language Arts  The fifth-grade students are learning a lot about writing and grammar in Mrs. Reed’s class.  Students are constantly engaged in their lesson as Mrs. Reed teaches using individual, and small group activities for her students.  The students began class brainstorming a creative writing activity.  All the fifth graders were enthusiastic to share what they wrote about.  The fifth-grade students are also reading the novel Wonder, and will also be taking a field trip to see the movie later in the year.  The novel has a positive message that follows our mission, “As followers of Jesus it must be different with us.”  Great job Mrs. Reed and her fifth-grade students!

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