March 5, 2018

Auction:  I had a great time at the auction. Thank you to Mrs. Bujoll, Mrs. Roye, and their committee on a wonderful event. Thank you to Mrs. Rook, Mrs. Tosto and Mrs. Ryan for coordinating the event to the school and the committee. Thank you to Mrs. Mareleiz Ramos, Mrs. Najor, Mrs. Hakim, Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Kindt, Mrs. Rivard, Mrs. Becker, Mrs. Schwartz and Mrs. O’Brien for their extra assistance before, during and after the event. Thank you to Mrs. Mick for her tech support. Fr. Tony is committed that every dollar raised will go to benefit the school, especially to school safety. I am very grateful to all of you that participated in attending and committing resources to the event. I will publish numbers in a future email, but I have heard very positive initial results. Thank you to the entire St. Hugo Community on a memorable evening!

CYO: I watched the Varsity 1 and Varsity 2 boys basketball teams win on Saturday. The Varsity 2 boys defeated Holy Family in one of the most physical games I have ever seen. I did not think that basketball could get more physical than the first few minutes of the MSU/Michigan game, but the Varsity 2 boys willed their way to victory after trailing most of the game. The Varsity 2 team also won on Sunday and is in the Final Four. The Varsity 1 team lost on Sunday but should be proud to finish in the top 8 of the CYO. The boys played great defeating St. Claire on Saturday. Congrats to the 6th-grade boys’ basketball team, as they finished up their season undefeated in league play. They won the consolation bracket of their final tournament at Everest Academy. Representatives from Raiders track will be in the cafeteria on Friday at 2:45 for those interested in participating in CYO track.

March Is Reading Month: Thank you to Officer Chris Furlong for being the first mystery reader during March is Reading month. Officer Furlong read a book to the students, and also gave very good safety advice. Did you know that all cell phones have an emergency button to call 911? Officer Furlong also discussed school safety. He is in charge of the school and parish-wide ALICE training on Wednesday in the parish hall. Thank you, Mrs. Braet, who has many wonderful activities planned for our students this month.

Cyber Safety: Thank you to Judge Lisa Gorcyca, who spoke with the 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade students about cyber safety, especially in regards to cell phone usage. Judge Gorcyca also brought in two policemen that discussed the importance to make good choices or face the consequences of bad choices. Students clearly seemed to get this serious message of using technology wisely.

Science Career Visitors: Thank you to Dr. Quaine and Dr. Smith! Dr. Quaine spoke to 7th-grade students about her experiences in the delivery room, and Dr. Smith spoke about her chiropractic practice.

2nd Grade Biography Day
Our 2nd graders recently read a biography, wrote a report and then got to dress as their famous person.

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