Science Exchange: I was very impressed with the Science Exchange projects that were on display this past Friday in the gym. Our teachers and school community were blown away by the creativity and presentation of each of the projects. Congrats to the winning projects: Teacher’s Choice-Adelina Ayar, Chloe Orow, Gabby Wenzel, Ava Elia, Siena Jankowski, Owen Zidar, Jacob Brzustewicz and Grace Van Norwick. Junior Division-3rd place How Germy are Your Hands by Jack Milewicz and Luca Spadafore, 2nd place Just Chillin by Meghan MacMichael, 1st place Was DaVinci Right? By Molly Rudnick. Intermediate Division-Honorable Mention Can you Taste the Rainbow by Spencer Seneker and Matthew St. Andre, 3rd place tie Perfection Connection by Meredith Hermann and Caroline Torok, Fidget Spinner Physics by NJ Tuliao and Mary Rose Montales, 2nd place Does Gelatin Affect the Melting Speed of Water by Julia Triculescu and 1st place-Handy Chemistry by Jack Wieczorek and Matthew Kreszewski. Senior Division-3rd place Hurricane Havoc-Anya Keena and Ania Petrosky, 2nd place Don’t Get Cold Feet Michael Blasczak and Declan McGrath, 1st place Deer, Oh Dear Marian VanDieren. Thank you also to the volunteers: Jacquie Bluethmann, Andrea Brzustewicz, Lisa Seneker, Ted and Karen Wiecezorek, Dan Krzeszewski, Robert and Laurie MacMichael, John Zidar, Luke and Zach Hogan, John and Julie Torok.

Protecting God’s Children Requirement:  All parents that volunteer, or chaperone on a field trip for the school are required to take Protecting God’s Children. If you have not already taken this class, please see the website for an upcoming class.

Mass Tomorrow: All parents are invited to attend Mass tomorrow. We are planning donuts and coffee in the Parish Center following Mass. Parents of students in grades K-2 will walk their children over to the Parish Center following Mass. The rest of the students in grades 3-8 will go with their class to the Parish Center to meet with their parents. All students will head back to school by 10:00. We are very grateful that you chose to send your children to St. Hugo!

CYO: I watched the Varsity boys’ basketball team dominate Holy Name on Saturday. The entire team looked strong as Michael Wayne made some great passes. Ryan Browne, Jacob Kalil, Joseph Yaldo, Aidan McGrath, Ethan Swider, and Ben Meathe all scored baskets as they played great! I also saw the Varsity #2 boys win as Brayden Dowd hit some big three-point shots. Special mention goes out to Blake Bluthardt, Michael Quaine, Robert MacMichael, Joseph Bruck, Julian Zora, Michael Blaszczak, and Nolan Shannon, who all made outstanding plays. All of the St. Hugo teams had an outstanding weekend!

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