Gingerbread Houses  The fifth-grade students do a great job of helping their kindergarten buddies.  Recently, the fifth grade and kindergarten students made gingerbread houses together.  The students had a great time making the houses and eating the leftover supplies too.  The teachers are very grateful to the parents who donated supplies, or who were able to volunteer in the classrooms set up.   Every Wednesday, the two classes walk to church together and sit with their buddies.  It is a great relationship between the fifth grade and kindergarten.






Indoor Recess  Mr. Dooley does an outstanding job teaching sixth-grade religion and social studies classes.  However, during indoor recess, he also plays chess with the students. When Mr. Dooley’s students are not playing chess, they may also be seen making some amazing designs in his classroom.  The latest creative design is the nativity scene.  Mr. Dooley and his classroom are always up to something creative.  Also, during indoor recess, some of our seventh and eighth-grade students enjoy playing ping pong.  It seems to be a unique activity that all of the students enjoy!

Lunch/Recess Staff   Our current hot lunch staff works diligently to make sure that students receive a healthy hot lunch every day.  New items have been added to the menu this year. Some of the new items include cheese ravioli, grilled chicken tacos, and taco salad.  The lunch staff is open to more healthy suggestions for next year as well.  Both the lunch and recess staff do their best to make sure students are safe in the lunchroom and during recess.  We are blessed to have so many valuable staff members at our school.

Hair Cuts  Just a reminder regarding our dress code policy in our student handbook. Many of the boys are letting their hair grow a bit longer this time of year.  After the break, we will be doing a hair check. I would like to encourage students to consider getting a haircut or trim before we return back to school in January.

Tuition Assistance  In January, we will be sending out an application for any St. Hugo family to apply for tuition assistance.  We have had many generous donors to the Tuition Angels program.  Fr. Tony has told me that he wants all families to be able to send their kids to St. Hugo School.  Please look for this form in the Parent Bulletin on Monday, January 8.

Thank you!  In the Parent Bulletin this week, we have tried to list all of the parents to thank this year.  I can tell you that the entire school has felt overwhelmed by the gratitude of our families in 2017!  I believe that St. Hugo of the Hills is the best grade school in Michigan, and it is because of our generous families.  We wish all of our families a Merry Christmas and continued success in 2018!

Congratulations! To the four 8th grade students who had a perfect score on the high school placement test!  Along with your parents, we are very proud of you!


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