Blankets for Cancer Patients  Each year, our 6th-grade students make and donate fleece tie blankets for cancer patients at U of M hospital. This annual tradition was started by a former 6th-grade teacher, Mrs. Fralick, and continues to be a sixth-grade project each year around the holidays. The students, teachers, and parents all worked diligently together by donating the fabric, cutting, measuring, and tying each blanket with love. This year the 6th-grade class donated 50-60 blankets! It was a fun Friday in which the students benefited those in need.



CYO  We have had a good start to our basketball season so far, but believe it or not, spring sports are just around the corner!  Attached to this email is the registration for baseball, lacrosse, and softball.  We will need the completed registrations returned by Monday, January 15.  Last year St. Hugo only had one baseball team. This year, our goal would be to have two baseball and softball teams.  I have verified that travel baseball and softball players are eligible to participate on our teams.  Please consider signing up if you are interested in a spring sport.

New Chromebooks  Thanks to a generous donor, we are now able to welcome a 3rd Chromebook cart to our school for classroom use. The new cart has 27 new chrome books. In total, the students now have access to three Chromebook carts and two Ipad carts. Our school is very lucky to have such generous donors, that help makes incorporating technology into the classroom accessible.

Curriculum Update  Mrs. Budiongan has begun an annual economic project with the 8th-grade classes in social studies. The Career Exploration Project is a cross-curricular project that allows the students to have a better understanding of the career opportunities that are available to them. The project requires the students to research a respective career. During the course of this assignment, the students learn the basics of career training, budgeting, taxes, types of living expenses, college tuition costs, and the importance of planning and saving. The project also relays on the talent of several other middle school teachers in order to hit multiple subject areas.  Mrs. Carter has been working with the students for math component, Mrs. Kurn assisting with the language arts portion, and Mr. Brogan helps by guiding the students through resume writing. This project is a great learning opportunity for the students and does a nice job connecting our 8th graders to the real world.

Upcoming Dates

  • This week we have our Santa Secret Shoppe all week in the library.
  • This Friday, December 8 we have Mass on Friday instead of Wednesday for Immaculate Conception.
  • Thursday, December 14 at 4:00 the Band and Vocal Vikings perform at Woodward Hills.
  • Tuesday, December 19 at 2:00 is the student Christmas Concert.
  • Wednesday, December 20 at 1:00 is the Christmas Concert for the parents in the gym.
  • Friday, December 22 No School Christmas Break


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