November 27, 2017
Book Fair Summary Thank you to Mrs. Thomas and Mrs. Hermann for their help with the Scholastic Book Fair. Their hard work paid off huge dividends for our library. Our school now has $9,500 in Scholastic Dollars to spend on the library. Mrs. Braet is very grateful, and excited to update the library books for all St. Hugo students. The Scholastic Dollars will also go towards purchasing summer reading books for our language arts teachers, and supplementing other reading materials for our classrooms. We are very proud of our library!
Quiz Bowl Thank you to Mrs. Mueller (eighth grade), Mrs. Budiongan (seventh grade), Mr. Dooley (sixth grade) and Mrs. MacLean (fifth grade) for heading up our Quiz Bowl teams. All of our teams finished in the top ten in the state! Congratulations to all those who participated.
Athletics The fourth-grade boys were the champions of the Our Lady of Sorrows Thanksgiving Tournament. The team started out the season on top with a nail biting win over Our Lady of Sorrows 10-8. Next, in the semifinals, our team then went on to beat Our Lady of Victory with a 19-15 win. Way to go boys! Another congrats goes out to the sixth-grade girl’s team. They are also champions of the Our Lady of Sorrows Thanksgiving Tournament. Well deserved, great job girls!
Intramural Basketball Thank you to Mr. Spadafore and the other volunteer coaches who do an amazing job teaching basketball to our youngest students. I could not believe how filled the gym was this past Sunday. St. Hugo will have some good basketball teams in the years to come!
School Updates During each break, our school building undergoes several new updates. This past week, the awning for the Father Esper room entrance was finished. Also, several doors in the gym were replaced, in addition to the gym floor being sealed. The biggest update was the installation of new lockers in the D-wing for our seventh and eighth grade students. Thank you to the Schwartz family for providing a new cart of 27 Chromebooks for grades 3-5. We now have a cart of 27 Chromebooks for seventh and eighth grade, a cart of 27 Chromebooks for the sixth grade, and a cart of 30 I-pads for grades K-2. I am thankful this Thanksgiving to be at a school with so many wonderful resources for our students.
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