WELCOME to new students and their families. We are happy to have you join our St. Hugo School Family!

            Elliyana Yaldo, grade 5 – C6; Austin Hayden, grade 4 – C2; Lilly Yaldo, grade 2 – A3;

Alex Madany, grade 2 – A3; Aidan Madany, grade 1 – A6; Austin Madany, K-1.

We will be printing an addendum to the Student Directory in the next week or so; please let us know any updates of addresses or phone numbers you would like printed.



            Fri. Jan. 9: Science Exchange registration deadline. Register online at: www.sthugoscienceexchange.thecspace.com or contact Julie Torok at jtorok@comcasst.net

            Fri. Jan. 9: Deadline for turning in Christmas lights to recycle

            Tues. Jan. 13: “Growing from Adversity; Letting your kids fall down to succeed”    presented by BBRA at 10 a.m., Gary M. Doyle Center, 7275 Wing Lake Rd.

Thurs. Jan. 15: Kindergarten Information Meeting, 7 p.m. Junior High classrooms

Invite your friends and neighbors interested in our kindergarten for the 2015 year. If you     would like more copies of the flyer for your pre-school, dance or skating classes, etc.             please contact the office.

Mon. Jan. 19: Martin Luther King Day – NO CLASSES

Fri. Jan. 23: Half-day classes – Teacher-in-service in p.m. Buses at 11:45 a.m.

Sat. Jan. 24: CONFIRMATION – 11 a.m.

Sun. Jan. 25: Pancake Breakfast after 8 and 10 a.m. masses (See attached flyer)

Sun. Jan. 25: All School Open House – 1:15 – 3:00 p.m. Invite family and friends!

Sun. Jan. 25 – Jan. 30: Catholic Schools Week

Feb. 16 – Feb. 20: Winter Break, no classes

            Sat. Feb. 28: AUCTION at Royal Park Hotel in Rochester! Mark your calendars!


HELP:             If you have one of our Open House lawn signs from last year, please contact Meghan Zidar at mmzidar@comcast.net. They should be put out on January 19. Also, if you are willing to put a sign in your yard, please contact Meghan.

Make sure your children are dressed for this very cold weather. If the wind chill is above zero, they will be going outside for recess. They need warm jackets, leg coverings/snow pants, boots, hats, mittens or gloves. Parents on duty, make sure you are dressed warmly as well!

Remember, if it’s an indoor lunch/recess we still need parents who are scheduled to come.

Please make sure if your student took gym clothes home for laundering over the vacation they bring them back for their phys. ed. classes this week. Thank you!



Grade level students: Jr. K – Mia Thomas; K – Nino Cerroni; gr. 1 – Alana Namy; gr. 2 – Vincent Ferrara; gr. 3 – Jacob Orow; gr. 4 – Maddie Morgan; gr. 5 – Olivia Mutone; gr. 6 – Leo DeLaRosa; gr. 7 – Henry Mansky and gr. 8 – Francesca Schena.

Art students: K – Anna Joulakh, gr. 1 – Bode Kindt; gr. 2 – Michela Reale; gr. 3 – Nick Lazar; gr. 4 – Mia Johares; gr. 5 – Caroline Wells; gr. 6 – Angeli Fandino; gr. 7 – Tessy Klein; gr. 8 – Celia Pagnucco.

Music students: gr. 1 – Jack Higgins; gr. 2 – Cameron Costello; gr. 3 – Thomas St. Andre; gr. 4 – Blake Bluthardt; gr. 5 – Maria VanDieren; gr. 6 – Taylor Belkin; gr. 7 & 8 – Andrew Bojrab.

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