• DAILY SCHEDULE is found on the front page of our new website: Please check it so your children will be properly prepared.
  • NO GYM UNIFORMS necessary for students in grades K-3 this week.
  • ALL SCHOOL MASS on Wednesday, 1/28, at 8:30 a.m. Please send $1 with each of your students to put in the collection for the IHM Retirement Fund.
  • CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN (at Somerset) flyer is attached. Take it with you and 20% of your check will be donated to our school! This is good all day Wednesday.


CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR CONFIRMANDI! We wish you the best as you continue your faith-filled journey.


SCIENCE EXCHANGE is almost here. We need parent volunteers to help through the day, Friday, Feb. 6, throughout the day and during the event between 3:30-5:30. If you can help for a few hours please contact Patsy Hogan, We are also still looking for Family ($50) and Corporate Sponsorships ($100) to help support this self-funded event. Recognition will be printed in the program. Please send your donation to the office in an envelope marked “Science Exchange Sponsor” by Friday, Jan. 30. Thank you!


IMPORTANT: Whenever you write a check to the school for fundraisers the bank requests that you please make the check out to St. Hugo Parent Teacher Guild or St. Hugo PTG. Be sure to identify in the memo section the use of the proceeds.


FAMILY UPDATES are attached. Please put this page in your Student Directory so you will be able to contact new families or families with updated addresses and/or phone numbers.


HIGH SCHOOL TUTORS for students in grades 3-8 are available on Thursdays from 3:30 – 4:30 through the month of April. A nominal fee of $5 per session is charged. Please contact Mrs. Bartoli at 248-283-2153 and let her know your child will be attending.


THANK YOU to the following parents who helped Ms. Bitzinger hang the Artwork for Open House: Mary Wenzel, Michael Jankowski, Erica Thurman, Jennifer Olah, Amy Monroe, Heather Smith, Michelle Royer, Ann Lazar, Kati Becker, Ronia Kruse, Pam Fatur, Kate Bandol, Meghan Zidar, Julie Torok, Martha Carter, Kathy Cahill and Theresa Atisha. Your help is sincerely appreciated.


THANK YOU ALSO to all who helped with Open House yesterday – teachers, staff, and the following families:who were our wonderful tour guides: DesMarais, Petrosky, Hudson, Tuohy, Quaine, Mustion, Tosto, MacMichael, Dixon, Rivard, Roberge, Mayette, Mervenne, Krause, Klein, Farrar, Ciraci, Fandino, Carter, Ervin, Donoghue, DeFrancesco, Kowalewski, Hermann, Cormier. Thank you also to: Kathleen Sharkey, Erin Connoly, Francesca Schena, Sophia Schneider, Kanzi Aziz, Evan Wells, and Garbrielle Grace. We heard many, many comments from potential new families how much they enjoyed interacting with our guides, especially the student ones! All of you make it different with us!


OPEN HOUSE LAWN SIGNS should be removed and returned to school or removed and saved until the week of our Open House in March.


CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN flyer is attached! Who wants to cook? NO WAY!! Present this flyer for lunch or dinner at CPK this Wednesday, Jan. 28, and the school will received 20% of your check!

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