* Monday, April 3 – Report cards are available for viewing at 4:00pm

* Wednesday, April 5 – 5th grade Salty Sale and Raffle supporting Haiti Relief, bring $1 or more

* April 3 – 7 – No bus service, carpool families dismissed at 3:20, bus families and walkers at 3:30

* Wednesday, April 12 – deadline to order May lunches

* Thursday, April 13-21 – Easter Break

CONGRATULATIONS TO last week’s T.R.A.C.K. winner Connor Monroe! Connor was observed by Mrs. Stuart on the playground being helpful to a visitor. Keep up the good work Connor!

EACH YEAR DURING LENT, our school community collaborates to make a difference in the world. This year, Sr. Camille Brouillard, IHM visited our school to share the efforts of the IHM sisters in Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere. Haiti was devastated by an earthquake in 2010 and the Haitian people have struggled with a very poor recovery. As a Lenten activity, the fifth graders have chosen to raise funds for Haiti Relief with a “Salty Sale” and Raffle on April 5 during all lunch times at school. Items will be .50¢ or $1. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

ST. HUGO OF THE HILLS HEALING MASS The pleasure of your company is requested at the 44th Annual Healing Mass sponsored by the Altar Guild. A luncheon will be served after Mass in the Parish Hall. Tuesday, May 9, 2017, 11:00am. To better accommodate your needs, please R.S.V.P. to Bonnie Gentilia (248) 650-2223 or Mary Lou Kopmeyer (248) 642-2072.

THE NEXT ST. HUGO SCRIP ORDER of the school year is due Tuesday, April 4. Order by 10:00am Tuesday, April 4 by 10:00am and pick-up at the school office on Friday afternoon, April 8. Order online at . Your login is your email address and it can email your password. Pay by check payable to St Hugo PTG (send to the office attention SCRIP no later than Wednesday, April 6) or pay with Prestopay (debit from your bank account). Please contact Beth Nunning for more information or sign up details (

SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY! For the safety of your own family, as well as school children entering the building, DO NOT DROP CHILDREN OFF ON HICKORY GROVE ROAD!


Seussical Jr. -Congrats to the entire sixth grade and to their music teacher Mr. Pacifico. They were awesome in their performance this past Thursday. Great job to: Paul Jazrawi-Jojo, Lilah Chow-The Cat in the Hat, Robert Silaghi-Horton, Gabrielle Mekani-Mayzie, Natalie Burg-Gertrude McFuzz, Mia Mojares-Kangaroo, Jimmy Kowalewski-Mayor, Claire Ruschak-Mrs. Mayor, Michael Blaszczak-Vlad Vladikoff, Robert MacMichael-The Grinch, Mia Tosto-Yertle the Turtle, Declan McGrath-Wickersham Brother, John Torok-Wickersham Brother, Joseph Bruck-Wickersham Brother, Paul Frost-Wickersham Brother, Luke Hogan-Wickersham Brother, Sean Jasper-Wickersham Brother, Nolan Shannon-Wickersham Brother, Declan Smith Wickersham Brother, Meghan Ferrara-Bird Girl, Mia Mushovic-Bird Girl, Megan Quakenbush-Bird Girl, Madalyn Morgan-Bird Girl, Audry Ong-Bird Girl, Leah Pallisco-Bird Girl, Izzie Rex-Bird Girl, Haley Guerra-Bird Girl, Ella Spender-Bird Girl, Catherine Carter-Citizen, Bridgette Denha-Citizen, Kathleen Dickson-Citizen, Brayden Dowd-Citizen, Angelica Manni-Citizen, Adam Olah-Citizen, Emma Filby-Citizen, Blake Bluthardt-Jungle Creature, Thomas Cosgrove-Jungle Creature, Emily Fanning-Jungle Creature, Zachary Hogan-Jungle Creature, Thomas Rook-Jungle Creature, Austin Hayden-Circus Animal, Luke Nelson-Circus Animal, Michael Quaine-Circus Animal, Luke Sacca-Circus Animal, Claire Becker-Fish, Anna Jennings-Fish, and Anna Zidar-Fish. Thank you also to our parent volunteers: Mrs. McGrath, Mrs. Rook, Mrs. Olah and Mrs. Cosgrove. I can’t believe it was a sixth grade production as it resembled more of a high school show. What an amazing performance!

STEAM Day – Mrs. Mueller did an outstanding job organizing the first annual STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) Day. Students went room to room with many hands-on science projects. We had two group presentation, the Physics of Flight and the Magic of Science. Both were educational and entertaining. Middle school students also shared their Innovation Projects with their classmates and Fr. Tony. Fr. Tony was amazed at how innovative the projects were and was interested in ordering the Pen Lite from Maria VanDieren. Ms. Rosenbaum did an excellent job coordinating some STEAM Day parody songs. Winners in grade 6-8 included: Anya Keena and Ella Harris (Let’s Take a Science Day), Lily Klein and Ellie Alberts (Alveoli), Lauren St. Andre and Maria VanDieren (Pump that Blood). In grades 3-5 the winners were: Kate Van Norwick and Maia Keena (Biology), Erin Mayette and Mia Palizzi (Eating Healthy), Charlotte Quaine and Ava Dietz (Bones). It was a very successful first STEAM Day!

St. Hugo Viking Box Scores: (Weekend of April 1)

8th grade boys lax v St. Lawrence W 13-0

8th grade boys lax v Our Lady of Good Council W 10-1

7th/8th grade boys baseball v St. Joan of Arc L 2-3

The Mission of St. Hugo of the Hills School is to provide students with an educational experience in which the teachings of the Catholic faith are instilled, nurtured, and demonstrated. These teachings constitute an integral part of the school’s academic program and the St. Hugo community. Strengthened by the values inherent in these teachings, students and staff are challenge to live with the conviction that,as followers of Jesus, it must be different with us.
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