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Welcome to Your St. Hugo Latch Key!

What is “Latch Key”? St. Hugo Latch Key is a before-and-after-school child care program offered primarily as a service to working St. Hugo families. All St. Hugo families can take advantage of this service! Latch Key is available most school days–as often as you need it– before and after school. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 7-8 AM and after school till 6 PM.

How Can Latch Key Make Life Easier? Do you work a distance away? Early and late appointments, meetings, and those essential errands can often take longer than usual; heavy traffic can cause delays. No worries! In any case, your child can be here– safe and happy in St. Hugo Latch Key– till you arrive.

An Awesome Blessing: Your children are absolutely loved here! Their health and safety is our top priority! Homework help is available at no extra charge. A balance of homework and play time is here in Latch Key! The children love being together! They often want to stay and play– even when you get here. Latchkey is very much like your happy family reunion when we’re together.

· Daily prayer is a part of our AM and PM routine in Latch Key! Children eagerly bring their special intentions to the prayer time. We always remember you in prayer too!

· Children play imaginatively, making up their own games, and play traditional board games and floor games.

· The kids enjoy snacks and beverages.

· They also love 15-30 minutes, of outdoor play– every day the weather permits. Outdoor recess often includes tag, soccer, kickball, playground structures, and playing in the snow.

· A TV/DVD player is up and running for special days or as another choice during inclement weather.

· Indoor bowling, hopscotch, hula hoops, Legos, board games are some of our many activities.

· Since we go outdoors as often as possible we ask that your child’s outdoor clothing is appropriate for the weather, as we play on the fields and play structures! Boots, hats, gloves, snow pants, coats are all part of the gear your child needs in cold weather!

· We work to help your child stay organized and keep everything in one area, where they are working, and at a spot along the walls. So…when it’s time to leave Latch Key for the day, please have your child check for all their belongings. We really don’t want you to have to make another trip here to pick up homework and outdoor clothing.

When can I enroll my child in Latch Key? You can enroll your child in Latch Key at any time! Many families choose to register in the fall, but registration forms are available in the Office and the cafeteria before and after school during Latch Key!

In Jesus Christ’s Love, The St. Hugo Latch Key Staff: Mr. and Mrs. Winowiecki, Mrs. Jasper, Miss Jasper, Miss Bitzinger, and Mrs. Mick


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