Kindergarten Readiness Curriculum and Goals

The Four Year Old Kindergarten Readiness program is based upon the belief in the individual worth of each child. We recognize the value of each child’s uniqueness and believe that no two children learn exactly alike. Our program encourages children to be active learners in a nurturing environment that is designed to encourage interaction in developmentally appropriate ways through hands-on activities, experimentation, manipulation, and exploration.

We recognize the importance of educators and parents working together as partners to accomplish the challenge of educating our children. We both support and encourage parental participation in our program.

The Four Year Old Kindergarten Readiness Program strives to provide numerous opportunities for learning that will challenge and support the development of the whole child – spiritual, mental, emotional, social, and physical while promoting the necessary skills for each child to become a lifelong learner.

In Religion, we will pray using spontaneous prayers and the Sign of the Cross. We will celebrate the liturgical seasons of Advent and Christmas. We will show gratitude to and love and care for others. We will show respect and care for all living things. We will celebrate mass every Wednesday.

In Social and Emotional Development we will focus on self-identity, empathy, community, building relationships, cooperative play, moral development, and conflict resolution.

In Physical Development and Health we will work on gross and fine motor skills, personal care, and healthy behavior.

In Language, Literacy, and Communication we will work on comprehension, speaking, vocabulary, phonological awareness, alphabetic knowledge, reading, concepts about print, book knowledge, and writing.

Updated 9/14

The Kindergarten Readiness program is aligned with the St. Hugo Kindergarten curriculum and provides children with a solid foundation in learning.

In Mathematics we will learn about number words and symbols, counting, part-whole relationships, shapes, spatial awareness, measuring, and patterns.

In Creative Arts we will cover music, movement, and pretend play.

In Science and Technology we will observe, classify, predict, and draw conclusions, while using various tools and technology.

In Social Studies we will learn about diversity, community roles, geography, history, and ecology.

We will Laugh Daily, Grow in Mind, Body, Heart, and Spirit
by Helping Others.

Kindergarten Readiness Instructors

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Mary Przygocki
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