Community Building Events

Mother-Son Night– This event celebrates the special bond between moms and their wonderful boys. A unique activity is set up each year to enjoy together, and the laughter doesn’t stop all night long. Whether it’s bowling, game night, or another fun pastime, you’ll love building special memories with each other that will last a lifetime!

February 2, 2018

Sweetheart Dance- This event celebrates the closeness between our precious girls and their special someone. Guests traditionally include fathers, uncles, and treasured family friends…whichever man holds your little girl’s heart! Dancing, music, pictures, and treats galore cap off a perfect night spent together, bonding and celebrating that unique relationship between your girls and the men they look up to!

The event turned out wonderfully, and I really appreciate the support from both of you, the PTG and the St. Hugo school families.  We are flattered that some described the night as “magical” and “epic”, and the pictures really showcase how engaging the St. Hugo families were.  We had a record turn-out and the dance floor was packed the whole time.

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