September 2017 Love and Logic

From a Love and Logic article written by Charles Fay, Ph.D.: “Are kids facing more life-and-death decisions than ever? Are they being challenged at earlier ages with scarier choices about drugs, [...]

New Series “13 Reasons Why” Helpful Resources

Parents, There have been many wonderful and insightful articles written about the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why”.  I have listed some of these web sites I found helpful below. [...]

Parent Help on School Projects: Where to Draw the Line

This article is a wonderful discussion on how much help you should give your kids on those “big projects” in school….even if “all the other parents are doing it”! [...]

September 2016

How to start the school year stress-free! Ok, maybe not completely stress-free, but with as much confidence, peace, and joy possible. Many students struggle with the transition of returning to [...]

February 2016

I have met with many parents recently regarding friend issues with girls. Here is a great article that addresses that issue and hopefully answers some questions you may have. [...]

From the Counselor May 2014

Now that we are finally having some wonderful warm sunny days, and the kids can play outside, all is “right with the world”. Well, at least the kids are enjoying their outdoor recess far more [...]

Counselor’s Corner November 2013

Counselor’s Corner I am so grateful to be a part of this St. Hugo community. I am so often amazed at the kindness, support and generosity of parents and see it reflected in the students here. The [...]

Counselor’s Corner – October 2013

Counselor’s Corner   It feels wonderful to be back at St. Hugo for another year! I don’t think I realized how “hug deprived” I was over the summer until I saw some of the smiling faces of [...]

Counselor’s Corner March 2013

Counselor’s Corner   As I sit here to type this I am smiling. I don’t want to brag, but I really think I might have the best job in the world! Right now the second graders have been popping their [...]

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