Fifth Grade Curriculum and Goals

The RELIGION text, We Believe, published by Sadlier, focuses on meeting Jesus in the Sacraments. Students gather in prayer through Scripture and song. Each chapter presents the truths of the Catholic faith found in Sacred Scripture and Tradition, and in accordance with the Magisterium of the Church. The content of faith is presented in ways that are age-appropriate and varied. Students are called to live out their discipleship among their peers, their families, and their communities. Through weekly attendance at Mass, students will hear God’s Word and be challenged to live as followers of Jesus! Families are invited to share in their child’s learning through the online resource A test is given after each chapter, following a review in class. Grades are based on class participation, projects, homework, and tests.

This year we will be using the READING series from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt entitled Journeys. During the fifth grade students will enjoy a variety of different literary forms including the following: Realistic fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, folktales, biographies, poetry and plays. Students will learn to recognize examples of figurative language such as idioms, similes, metaphors, alliteration, and personification. Comprehension and study skills are also an important part of the curriculum.

The Accelerated Reader program is another important aspect of the fifth grade experience. This is a reading system that allows students to choose a book to read from award winning children’s literature. After reading a book the student completes a short computerized test which assesses the student’s reading comprehension.

In ENGLISH we use the Houghton Mifflin English text.             The four elements of language arts (reading, writing, speaking and listening) are stressed throughout this year’s curriculum. The year begins with a review of mechanics (capitalization and punctuation rules.) After completing this unit, students will apply the skills learned to the written assignments given throughout the year. This year students will learn how to outline and use an outline to write a good paragraph including opening, topic, and closing sentences. Poetry, narratives, and descriptive writing are also stressed. Students will have an opportunity to work on a written project with the Kinders. Grammar skills are also an integral part of the 5th grade language arts curriculum.

Updated 9/14

To help with organizational and study skills, each child is required to have an Assignment Notebook. Students record all special happenings, assignments, projects and tests in the assignment notebook. A pocket folder is used to help organize materials from each class. Use of the assignment notebook is stressed daily at school.

*It is recommended that the assignment notebook be checked at home to reinforce our efforts at school.

Our MATH text is Math  published by Houghton Mifflin.  The first part of the year involves building on basic fact knowledge. At this level, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts should be mastered. n. The remainder of the year will focus on decimals, fractions, measurements and geometry. Problem solving is emphasized daily by having the students practice this skill in the math class.   Homework is assigned daily and is due the next class day. Grades are based on homework, quizzes and tests.

In addition to the textbook, the students are required to spend 30 minutes per week on the site. The school has purchased a building license which gives every student an account. The time spent must be in the MATH section. Students can practice the Fast Facts but that does not apply to the study and practice time for the math curriculum.

SCIENCE: Our text is Science Fusion by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. The fifth grade curriculum includes the Nature of Science and all three areas of Life, Earth, and Physical Sciences. During the year they will be doing activities that support and strengthen their understanding of these areas. Grades are based on homework, quizzes, tests and class labs.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Our text, Social Studies: The United States incorporates the fifth grade curriculum combining history and geography for an in-depth study of the development of our nation. Together we discover the new world, the forming of a new nation, and the growth, struggles, and expansion of this nation. Students will have homework frequently. They will participate in group presentations and cooperative learning. Students will also keep a notebook with vocabulary and class notes. A test is given after each chapter, following a review in class. Grades are based on class participation, homework, quizzes and tests.

SPELLING: Using the text Spelling and Vocabulary, students will learn words for reading and writing. They will be given a unit assignment in the spelling book each week. Homeroom teachers will give due dates for this assignment. A final test is usually given on Fridays.

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